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    Jamie Jones

    The three packages are named the PUBG Warrior Pack, the runescape 2007 gold PUBG Accessory Pack, and the last is the PUBG Tracksuit Pack. The Warrior and Accessory packs are similar, except the former give a ski mask and the latter provides a hat. The shirt, pants, and bag accessory are the same.

    I got so much Red Dwarf memorabilia. I was offered tens of thousands of pounds for it from an American chap a couple of years ago but I wasn really tempted. I got Lister jacket, trousers, hats, boots and props, which to diehard Dwarfers, especially in America, would be worth a lot of money, but I not really tempted to part with it.

    This paper explores the contribution of design to the ‘domestication’ of traditional crafts: the reframing and support of such practices as amateur activities. Informed by twelve examples, six design strategies for the domestication of traditional crafts are identified and discussed.This issue emerges from a research project investigating the role of design in developing and revitalising culturally significant designs, products and associated practices.Within this paper, we focus on strategies that seek to revitalise traditional crafts by supporting domestic activity. This topic is introduced through a discussion of commercialisation, a more common approach to revitalisation.Two contemporary social trends support domestication: the strong interest particularly in post industrial countries in provenance, local distinctiveness and authenticity; and the growth of maker culture and its ethos of amateur creativity.We gather twelve examples of various formats such as books, kits, online communities, videos, workshops and holidays which support amateur activity.

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    God made them that way, just like He made me my way. He Loves us all, he creates everything for a purpose. I had to learn the hard way. In his Nobel lecture, he told the assembled dignitaries that years in the biochemistry department didn change my mind about DNA, but six years of Berkeley changed my mind about almost everything else. Fount of ideas sufficiently offbeat to make fellow scientists frown, he seemed skeptical of much conventional wisdom, including theories that were widely held in science. Doubts about whether climate change was man made, or whether HIV caused AIDS, helped make him seem an outlier in the scientific establishment.

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